After The Battle Is Won

After the battle,

as I gain my victory,

after leading my men triumphantly,

they come to celebrate with me.

"Dion, it is because of you that we have victory", they shout,

and yet rather than celebrate I ask to be alone.

It is because of the God why we have won the battle.

I do not cheer.

I do not even smile,

as the soldiers continue to cheer my name.

As I am by myself,

I look to the heaven's.

Praise you all powerfully, and one true living God.

As I look back at those celebrating,

I say to myself, "men are men".

Still, I then realize that it is no wonder why none of them are fit to lead.

How can you have victory,

and not give the Lord credit?

Now it is no secret.

I cannot fight an army without the help of my brothers.

I watch over them,

and they watch over me,

but so it goes,

In order to prosper in anything,

one must always put the Lord first.




  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

    • ForeverJesus6

      I just noticed your comment. Thank you

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