An Orphan Pine

A pale complexion of papery cheeks

A placed expression of paths imprinted deep in the fallen snow

Parched lips of swollen Prussian blues stain a face bitten by the fangs of frost

Peaked eyes paused in a purge of terror sieged within by pointed spears

Packed snow pressed against her chest as crimson blood stains pure white gloves

A single primrose of the purest white sheds a delicate tear as another petal passes modestly.


Beside the frozen girl a white pine sheds a frozen tear

Sharp, jagged, a treat for fear

But closed eyes wish for more to fall

For the orphan pine to sob a sweet, deadly siren song

For slumber to smother the poor girl’s cry for mercy

What misery for one so undeserving, the old pine thinks

For one so undeserving, she whispers in her sleep.


The final breath sucked from her desperate lungs
Leaves her face as white as bone
As she lays alone her body shocked and stunned
Her pale lips once a crimson tone
Her murky eyes once alive
Now stare blank their surface showing no reflection of the vast lake inside

Though now it is but an empty pit
Washed away by her tears of sorrow
Dragging her deeper into a cave unlit
Leading her further and further away from the morrow.

Pale moonlight streams through the trees
But it seems cold and unforgiving
As if a sudden breeze
Has closed the blinds to a chance of ever living.


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