Muddy Boots

People see me... but they don't. 

They see my tousled hair. 

They see my blue eyes. 

They see my ghostly white pale skin.

They see my cute cheeks, and dimples.

Nobody seems to know me.

People see me wearing my muddy boots, they think they get me, but they don't.

They assume they have my life story figured out,but what they can't see is...

 My tousled hair, is because I don't care.

My blue eyes are made of glass, about to crack.

My pale skin shows my true emotions, that I'm terrified.

My cheeks that everybody thinks is so adorable, and my dimples show up when I smile,thats when my true feelings are buried deep beneath.

Most of all my muddy boots, are the most real things to show.

They don't lie, and they don't hide.



  • JC

    Great poem, I really enjoyed how you expressed the difference between the "you" that people see, and the real you inside. Keep up the wonderful writing.

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