Birddie Jane

I prefer the grey

The day is perfect

The air is cool

The sky is grey

You and me

Happy as can be

You look to me

And ask

"Why do you prefer the grey"

I smile 

A warmth growing inside

My story waiting to be told

"I prefer the grey,

For many reasons.

To me 

A grey sky 

Is so much more

Than a blue one.

Grey holds more power

With lightning 

And thunder.

Grey can change

it's shape and colour.

Blue is always blue.

But most of all

I love grey 

Because it means rain."

I pause 

And look out the window.

"Why "

You ask

"Do you like the rain"


"I like the rain

Because it is water.

Water is where

I feel most at home.

Water brings me peace

And serenity.

I feel my soul

Is one with the waves.

Always changing

Yet still the same. 

Water can be mean 

And powerful.

Causing pain 

And striking fear.

Water is also peaceful

And vital.

I wish to live my life 

Like I am water

Strong and determined 

Not fretting obstacles in my path.

And yet gentle

And loving.

Water brings people together

Humans and animals alike."

"What do you mean?"

"If it weren't for the rain

Would you be here?"



  • lc1231

    That was amazing πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    • Birddie Jane

      Thank you so much ❀❀❀

    • FineB

      Hi JessieJane.

      What a great poem.


      Keep writing

    • Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87

      I loved how you put everything together, you did a great job!

    • yellowrose

      hi jessie :-) wow , i love this :-) i like you thought about what is behind the grey , not just the grey colour itself , but the rain hiding within the clouds and the opposite ideas related to rain , causing pain and on the opposite hand .. being gentle and calming and lovely ..

      '' I wish to live my life
      Like I am water
      Strong and determined
      Not fretting obstacles in my path
      and yet gentle and loving ''

      such beautiful lines! a lovely and smart piece of writing with a lovely flow to this piece .. really nice .. enjoyed very much

    • yellowrose

      you are so right in what you say .. grey can change colour, the grey clouds can turn to nearly black and back again to white ...

      • Birddie Jane

        Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I'm so glad you like this poem.

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