When shyt hits the fan
When you know you've reached rock bottom
When your legs can no longer stand
When all your hopes and dreams you no longer got'em
Here is where it hurts
Here is when there is no where you can turn
He is where I been
Never have I been a stranger to sin
I do bad for reasons I believe are best
I gain well and even have success
But eventually I fall back and land into a mess
A huge pool of things done and past distress
But swimming right into the deep end I feel the best
Insane and outrageous you must guess
Who in their right mind would ever think the best
Just looking at the dark pool makes you lose your breath
You all don't realize what it is and how it's blessed
You don't see the fortune down in the depths
Down here below you will be put thru various test
Watch now as you sink feel the water start to press
Fully submerged now but somehow have a breath
Your eyes wide can see why you didn't have any common sense
The visions of you in bad times remind you that you had no friends
There are no hands reaching out nothing they can lend
You see weak moments hurting you as they bend
Turned and twisted when you saw your life's end
Now as you rise you start to comprehend
This pool is how you'll learn to swim again
The black stains of water flood into your brain
The strong force and dark corse you let remain into your brain
Don't let this passage be forgotten remember from which depths you have came
Truths and blames like a flame you shall claim
To rise and walk again to no longer be the same
Like the dive in the pool you must fly above the fools
To let live and let die all the rules no more pulls
Reach out and be free take back what you want to be
No loss and no cost you must be your own boss
Friends lost like ice frost no longer able get lost
Straight and narrow thru the valley of the shadow of depth you must cross
Not easy but it has been meant for you and me
Here and now is when we rise and ignite
Spit fire to the lies of anyone who tries
To break me
To hate me
To fake me
To keep me
To think that they can stop me
From my destiny

SwingOne-born from the ashes makes the dirt my beginning of any trial. Never hurt when you fall in it, it's not where you end but where you begin.

Let the chill and the sin be your friend. Only with this are you blessed to see who are real friends.

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