Accidental Poet

Hello, Me Again


Hello, me again

Asking questions with no answers

Just something I do

To provoke the muse dancers


So many roads to choose from

And time enough to kill

Let the lyrical wheels turn

Creative hours to fill


And minute by minute

The second hand dances about

As over and over

The hour glass runs out


The sun and moon

That cross the skies

Days and nights that pass

Right before my eyes


I’ll sit here

And contemplate

The time that will pass

On any given date


Although not my intention

The time that I waste

While thoughts incubate

In the heart my muse has laced


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2017


  • FineB

    Hello again,

    Accidental Poet.

    Superb write.

    Keep writing

    • Accidental Poet

      Thank you FineB. Your positive notes are really appreciated.

    • orchidee

      Cooeee again AP! lol.
      Good write.

    • Christina8

      An interesting write, AP! You are very creative. Great job!

      • Accidental Poet

        Thanks Christina. I do enjoy it, and as long as I enjoy it, the creativeness seems to follow me. And I tend to think that that's true for all of us who write.

      • Candlewitch

        dear AP,

        I enjoyed this write. it is a clever mind you have!!!

        *hugs, Cat

        • Accidental Poet

          Thanks Cat. I have my moments. ; )

        • Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87

          AP, You're a very good at writing i adore that keep it up.

          • Accidental Poet

            Thank you for the compliment Confia. Been writing poetry for 17 years now, so I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. ; )

          • myself and me

            "Hello", a magic words wake muse up.

          • FredPeyer

            I really like your poem! But I don't say "Hello", I say "OK, Google"....

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write, that muse inside you is a powerful ally.

            • Accidental Poet

              Yes Andy, I've learned when the muse speaks to listen closely. Thanks for reading and your comment.

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