mixing the signals

Pull me closer

Push me further just this massive roller coaster

I need some time

And you’ve got all mine


So tell me what to do

Cause I’m confused about you

Someone just give me an answer

cause This is killing me like cancer


its Just driving me crazy

Looking at you and my sights going hazy

and Look at me I’m a fucking king

So what will I do about this wee thing


just Looking at my past

Makes me wonder if I should drop you really fast

Yeah I can be a cunt

But maybe you shouldn’t be so fucking blunt


All these mixed fucking signals

Just lay it out in letters and symbols

I’m going to drown

Just diving further down and down


My life was so much easier

And you arrived wiping them out like a meteor

And I mean I could have any other person

But I have to say would that leave me hurting


Walking past hands just touch

Holding hands and you begin to clutch

Keeping this a secret hands behind are back

Your pulse going 90 don’t have a heart attack


Your staring at me and your eyes dilate

I know you want it now but it’ll be worth the wait

But your pushing me away

And I don’t know if I should stay


Yes no maybe so

One minute its stop the next its go

but if you fuck me around I’m calling it quit

and I already know that you’ll regret it


I’m walking away taking a bow

and this is it. I’m leaving you now.


  • FredPeyer

    Love the way you write, Locuisle! I guess you have to be like a gambler: Know when to hold and know when to walk away!

    • mocuisle

      aww thank'you!

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