My Testemony

It is because of God's grace,
that I am now written,
in the Lamb's Book Of Life.
Jesus saved me from my destruction.
I was a crip,
and he pulled me away from it.
At age six,
I started having seizures.
It was the Lord who sustained.
I never finish school.
Without a degree,
what could I do.
It was God who let me find my talent.
I grow as a Man because of him.
I slept in crack houses.
It was Jesus who let me resist temptation.
I went from shorts to pants.
I held guns
It was the Lord who brought me out of situations.
He took fear out of my life.
I was that kid who always dressed in a black T-shirt, and big black pants that went passed my behind.
It was me who always wore a bandana around my head,
but I put aside my childish ways.
It was me who used to disrespect the law.
Now I have a respect for the police,
and know the pleasures of voting.
I know I am not perfect.
That is the point of God's grace.
He sent his son to die for everyone,
so if I can receive salvation,
than salvation is for you.
I am always growing as a person,
and will not stop until I see the Lord's face.
Do not expect me to tell this testemony again.
This is the truth,
how Jesus put me in the race.

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