My God

Oh Jehovah my God

In the wind I hear your whispers

When I turn the pages I read your thoughts

From the sunrise to sunset, your eyes open and close

How your words make the trees dance

Your thoughts bring so many together, in different tongues we join and ponder over them

Even with your eyes close you see our darkest to our brightest dreams

O Jehovah my God

Why do you hold my hand

Why do you pick me up

Why do you watch over me

For you are my Father and I am your daughter

For you are my Creator and I am your creation

For you are the King and I am the worshiper 

When I listen to the wind,

How I keep turning your pages,

I beg and pray from sunrise to sunset,

to always stay this way with you,

to always praise you,

and for you never to forget me,

O Jehovah my God


  • orchidee

    A fine write Naomi.

  • FineB

    Thank you Naomi

    That was lovely.

    God is good all the time.

    Keep writing

  • poelove

    Made me wnt to touch Jehovah..beautiful, He surlely sees you...peace

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