What I Can Do

There are no distractions.
It is time for me and my wife.
Sure we do regular stuff,
like watch TV.
I love her so much,
I even pretend to listen,
when she talks about her feelings.
but there is a certain feeling in the air now,
as we sit on the couch.
Something only her and I can feel.
It is an intimate feeling.
We look quietly at each other.
We move in closer.
I slowly begin to unbutton my old button down shirt that she loves to wear.
After it rolls down her arms,
I take off my T-shirt,
before I take off her bra.
The two of us then stand up,
as we begin to move faster.
She jumps up on me,
with her legs wrapped around my waist.
Oh how I love her breasts,
pressed up against my chest.
As we begin kissing,
I carry her over to the mahogany kitchen table,
where I sit her down.
I push her slowly down to lye on her back.
I slowly pull down her thong.
As her legs hang from the table,
I get on my knees,
and begin to warm my tongue.
Her thighs feels so good on my face.
I start to rub her legs slowly,
before I begin kissing her,
from her vagina to her belly button.
I stop to push her on the table a few inches further,
as I undo my belt,
and take off my jeans and boxers at the same time.
I get on the table,
one knee at a time.
In between her, pushing her legs back,
nearly behind her head,
I slowly insert myself in her.
I push back and forth, back and forth,
as I grind up and down her breast.
Her eyes closed shut,
she bites the bottom of hers lips.
"I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming", she screams,
before letting out a deep breath.
Her cum drips from her vagina
and from the inside of her thighs,
onto the kitchen table.
It takes about twenty seconds
to somewhat catch our breath.
"I love you", we both say at the same time,
before we start to laugh.
Oh how I love my wife.
We will always be one.

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