The blue sky of love

the news of love is confusion at first,
then shocks your heart it may even burst,
so it’s slowly starts to overwhelm u,
and where to even start I wouldn’t have a clue,
I don’t know weather I love u or the idea of u loving me,
and of my eyes Beauty is all I can see,
my sexual demons have been driving me crazy,
the dust of your love left my sky hazy,
and that isn’t the least of words to explain my case,
at times I run around to get a smile in your face,
but does a lion eat if his pray doesn’t run,
what’s the fun in chasing if u already won,
I perhaps started to play with her like a cool cat,
she started to ask where all of this is even at,
arrival to the peek of the mountaintop,
nowhere to go but down so my heart came to stop,
o my god what a feeling to be loved,
but now only to return to be unloved,
take a good hold of what’s good in your life,
and this ladies and gentlemen are words of a wise man.


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