To Stay Or To Go

There is an empty space in my heart

Theirs a space were were supposed to start

Give me the will

To find something for that space to fill


I cant even look at you

Were? Will the courage come out of the blue

I sat in the corner and let my feelings just pour

For you just took my feelings and scattered them on the floor


Its hard to look past the lust

But I know one thing I need is trust

And the point is I really fell

Although that’s not really hard to tell


I really hope you don’t miss me when I’m gone

But that’ll never happen it doesn’t take people long

In your heart you’ll feel regret

In your head you’ll play back the moment we met


You don’t know it yet but you made the wrong choice

But give it a month when you hear my voice

And the realisation just uncovers

But its always to late people discovers


Ill tell you exactly what could have been

Let me show you what you never seen

Long romantic walks

Late night meaningful talks


A girl who’d have chose you

A girl who’d have fought for you to

Someone who’d have gave you the stars

Took you anywhere in all her cars


Id have gave you time

Devoted myself so you could call me mine

Devotion and loyalty

Princess id have treated you like royalty


Id have done anything

Id have gave you everything

Id have walked miles

Id have made you smile


But what I don’t have a dick..

Sorry I’m not some loud obnoxious prick

Sorry that id have treated you right

Sorry that I lost this fight


You deserve someone like me

But its up to you to be the one to see

I don’t know why I’m not enough

Something I’m lacking just unknown stuff


I listened I cared I tried my best

I know that I’m much different from the rest

But I thought that’s supposed to be a good thing

Yet you didn’t think twice ignored the consequences to bring


I always try really hard

Take my heart and wrap it in bars

Cause here I am back to square one

Wondering what the hell have I done


It kind of feels like my heart you stole

What do you want another drumroll

Is there any fixing this

All are problems be solved with a kiss


Well this is are song let me show you the chorus

It makes sense you don’t need a thesaurus

Basically you fucked up

And the only words we’ll probably ever say is sup


You don’t even have the decency to say sorry

The sky used to be so starry

Realistically I guess you don’t care

The darkness kind of makes you aware


Now here’s the end of this song

Believe me I promise it wont take that long

Because basically I don’t know what to do

I’m torn apart and its really over you.


To stay or to go

How am I supposed to know?


Mocuisle connolly

  • Author: mocuisle (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 29th, 2017 16:08
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  • FredPeyer

    Mocuisle, this poem seems to be a continuation of the last one. You wrote at the end you would walk away, but I guess you are still undecided. This seems to be a seesaw between your heart and your head. The heart says 'stay', the head says 'leave'.
    In my humble opinion, not knowing all the facts, just looking at what you wrote and how you wrote it, the verdict would be to leave, unless there would be a massive change in your partner's attitude. Real love is all about giving, not taking!
    Very well written again, a bit long maybe, but that is probably because you keep on changing your mind.

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