Kailie Jackson

I see the darkness,
The emptiness,
my fear grows
please don't leave me here alone

This dark, desperate
with terrors as
circles this growing
like vultures circle
a corpse.

And in an empty hole
Swallowing all that dare come near its grasp
Are shadows of the godforsaken past
That haunt me now and ever haunt me still
I must forget all that I did ill
Or else my fear will find itself a home
Where all my cruel night-terrors do roam

And If I Cannot Forget
There Is Only One Way Out
I Will Take My Life
For Everybody Will Be Better Without

So, in depression, I go.
To the beautiful cliffs with the river below.
And I think to myself, one last time,
I could have done better.
I stand there for a minute, in my thin, gray sweater
And with one small step I leave for the better.

As i leave this world cold and grey
I feel my fears grow
The loneliness and the hatred
My fears circle me like hungry sharks

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