Crisp, twinkling light breaks through willow trees

As green blades of grass gently flow in the breeze

Celestial jasmine flowers softly glow in the light

In this majestic garden my heart has taken flight

Through the fragrant valley of sentiment I roam

Submerged in the raw, moving emotions of his home

Rolling hills of artistic flair protect this sacred ground

Where lavish colors of breathtaking passion are found

Harp strings of wind gently blow golden leaves

Singing a soothing song to put the mind at ease

The scent of hope enriches the enchanting land

As my spirit wanders barefooted in the sand

Storms of desolation have rained here before

Pillars of strength sent them flying far off shore

Now the turquoise ocean happily glimmers in bliss

& I am immersed in the poetic words of his kiss


This land of magic & reality
Is the garden of his poetry


  • Noah

    I admire the sense of comfortability in this. "Harp strings of wind gently blow golden leaves" is a really pleasant line, too.

    • Santita

      Hey Noah! It has been awhile; nice to see you. Thanks for the read and lovely comment!

    • Goldfinch60

      Beautiful. That garden of poetry is both magic and real to us all.

      • Santita

        Thank you, Goldie :)

      • orchidee

        A lovely write KP. but not lovely for me, as KP turned up in the garden, and ruined it all! lol.

        • Santita

          You must be delirious! You just called me KP!!!

          • orchidee

            Doh! it's all too much. Yep, delirious. KP on the brain. lol.

          • FredPeyer

            Santi, your description of the 'garden of poetry' truly is magic! Every line is beautifully crafted, too many to mention here, except for 'As my spirit wanders barefooted in the sand'. That one, for me, is the most beautiful of them all. Your poem is timeless. A favorite for sure!

            • Santita

              Fred, thank you so much; your comments are always greatly appreciated, my friend! And thanks for saving it as a favorite :)

            • Fay Slimm

              An enchanting read Santi and filled with poetic imagery which colours each line. A fave and must read this again.

              • Santita

                It's a joy to read your comment, dear Fay. Thank you for your lovely comment and for saving it :)

              • Christina8

                Santita, every line tickles the senses! I love when you say "I am immersed in the poetic words of his kiss" because, like a picture, a passionate kiss, I think, speaks a thousand words! Thanks for a delightful walk through the poetic journey through his garden! You are a top notch poet!!

                • Santita

                  Christina, thank you for such an awesome comment! You picked my favorite line; it holds a lot of meaning! You, yourself, are a top-notch poet, dear. I am so very grateful to you, my friend.

                • Louis Gibbs

                  Ethereal and simply beautiful, Santi! Your mastery of expression exudes throughout this one, as well as does your beautiful heart.

                  • Santita

                    Louis, your comment touched my heart and brought a big smile to my face. It takes a beautiful heart to see another, dear! Thank you for your wonderful visit!

                  • Tony36

                    Beautiful write

                    • Santita

                      Thank you, Tony!

                      • Tony36


                      • poetboy5454

                        A wonderful poem with brilliant flow and diction!

                        • Santita

                          Thank you kindly, PB! Appreciate your visit!

                        • myself and me

                          Your soul is freed in this magic garden.

                          • Santita

                            Yes, dear. Feel free to roam the garden, in peace, and let the beauty wash over you. Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate you very much!

                          • LukeCoomer

                            Magical! Take me away from this place
                            Transcend me through time and space
                            Where your words I can feel, touch and taste

                            • Santita

                              Come & fly away with me
                              To a magical place
                              I'll set your spirit free!

                              Thank you, Superhero :)

                            • WL Schuett

                              Very enchanting poem blending reality and mysticism . I love the beautiful images this poem envokes. Such as art , poetry , magic , gardens and hope . You are a very talented poet Santita and this poem really showcases that talent ... Beautiful !!!

                              • Santita

                                Thank you, my dear friend. What a wonderful comment to receive; I'm grateful! I treasure your visits!

                              • Laura


                                “In this majestic garden
                                my heart has taken flight “

                                Indeed! My heart is trying!
                                I’ve read your poem a few
                                times. Each time I read it,
                                a new thought pops into my
                                head. I’m happy to say they’re positive! Your chosen words bring our
                                attention to stop, reflect,
                                and enjoy the walk throughout your
                                beautiful magical
                                poetic garden! Truly a
                                gift from a gifted writer!
                                Thank you!


                                • Santita

                                  Thank you for your lovely comment, Laura! Let the hope wash over you and keep those thoughts happy and positive:) appreciate your support!

                                • Tristan Robert Lange

                                  Simply a beautiful, amazingly descriptive write! I am happy you have led us to this garden and the hope within it. Such a great write!!!

                                  • Santita

                                    Thank you, my friend! So wonderful to see you! I am waiting for a Tristan masterpiece!

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