How Much Is Too Much?

In a world of feast or famine
Where the poor can't feed themselves 
How much is too much? 
Is the question we should ask ourselves

Premeditated self destruction 
It's a conscious decision 
We're the only living organism
That doesn't develop a natural equilibrium 

Recession is a necessity 
A blessing in disguise 
Over population
We multiply like flies

The bully in the chow hall queue 
We take more than our fair portion
I feel sorry for the planet 
Mother Earth should have had an abortion 

We're living in period of ignorance 
Our heads buried in the sand 
Multiplying like bacteria 
Pillaging the land

A one sided relationship 
We need to reach a compromise
Rotting in our steel coffins 
Belching poison into the skies

How can we sleep at night?
When there are starving mouths to feed
All you can eat buffets... 
Another definition of greed

How much is too much? 
Ask a man who really knows
Sleeping under clear skies at night 
Trash bags for pillows

How much is too much?
Don't all raise your hands at once
How many of our needs
Are actually wants?

Our Mother’s illness is terminal 
Read her her last rights
Sucking the lifeblood from our host
We are ticks and parasites

We are a cancer to the Earth
It's plainly clear to see
Ignorance will be the cause of death
At Mother Earths' autopsy 


  • Jeremy Leach

    Wow, that's great and kept me reading every well-written line. A lot of thought's gone into this. Questions I ask myself too. These seem unstable times.

    • Syd

      Thanks you Jeremy, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I read a book a few years ago and one of the topics was overpopulation. It's a certain fact that we can't carry on this way, there simply aren't enough resources on the planet. Recession is a necessity although it's what no one wants for fear of jobs etc. And we are living in a period of ignorance - Syd

    • Laura

      Spot on Syd!
      A well written message
      reiterated in your response
      to Jeremy’s comments!
      Great read! Thank you.

    • Syd

      Thank you Laura, glad you enjoyed.
      Take care - Syd

    • Accidental Poet

      We should all sign this and then send it to every politician and leader as food for thought. But I fear they would only spit it out in disbelief. An excellent poem Syd. Thanks for sharing.

      • Syd

        That's an excellent idea Accidental Poet.

        Glad you like the poem - Syd

      • Mottakeenur Rehman


      • Syd

        Than you Mottakeenur, glad you like the poem - Syd

      • ZIGGY

        Hi there a great theme well wort the effort it must of taken some strong word choice but that is a given with a theme like this I feel

        • Syd

          Hi there Ziggy, cheers. Yeah the wording is quite strong in this one, I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback.

          Take care - Syd

        • Tony36

          Wow, great write

          • Syd

            Thank you Tony, glad you enjoyed mate - Syd

            • Tony36


            • madisontoure

              This is so good!

              • Syd

                Thank you madisontour. I'll have to drop by your page sometime and check out your work. I'm pushed for time at the minute for a change lol.

                Thanks for reading - Syd

              • FineB

                Hi Syd

                I liked this

                That was powerful and brilliant.

                It's so sad in the world so many have plenty and so many have so little.

                We should be grateful for what we have ultimately.

                Keep writing

              • Syd

                Hi FineB, yeah I totally agree with your comment.

                Thanks for reading - Syd

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