“The Stars are Ruthless to Me”

“The Stars are Ruthless to Me”


And unmistakably unforgettable

You are my lit match

A flame I cease to catch

Beautiful isn’t it?

How the sky meets the stars

On a date to the galaxy

And a picnic on mars

Perhaps they'll share a milkshake

The world may never know

But when the sky begins to quake

And the stars begin to glow

I feel a sudden whisper

Saying “Lovely day?”

For a bike ride or a swim

To take the stress away

And when the thunder breaks

And the stars cry out to me

It’s stormy crackling lightning I begin to see

The sky bought the stars flowers

But the stars did not reply

The stars have turned our sunny days

To snowflakes in my eye

And cold white boring mornings

With nothing much to do

But wonder why the sky gave such a love to you.



  • Hazel Kaye

    Beautiful words and wonderfully written 🙂

  • MendedFences27

    More than just beautiful words, a wonderful expression of love. The personification of stars and sky, and the galaxy as a place to visit, brings your beautiful words to a higher level. yet, all the while we feel the sense of love, for whomever that may be. Loved your poem - Phil A.

    • AlinaVanderson

      thanks so much I warms my heart to know that my words express more than just emotion.

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