The General's Protege

What is there to look forward to?
I have no wife.
I have no kids.
I am only a General
The only legacy I have to leave,
I teach how two kill.
I teach her how to play chess.
I teach her the strategy of war.
I keep her by my side.
Is it so that she may learn how to kill from the best,
or so that I may protect her.
I love her as a daughter,
and she loves me as a dad.
She was sent to me by another general.
She is in her mid-twenties,
and yet she has killed plenty.
Her face is covered in scars.
She is a woman with a big heart.
As we walk through the dessert,
I teach her that the fear of the Lord,
is the beginning of wisdom.
As we set up camp,
we read the daily bread.
Before we go into battle,
we say a prayer together.
When I retire as a general,
it will be her who takes my place.
She will then find someone,
to take her place,
Someone to mentor,
to lead,
and to teach to kill.