The Silent Cry Inside

My morning eyes 

They struggle to open 

I lay here sad,

But here I am hoping, 

To start my rolling,

To Get me through the day.

Off to a place so safe,

But so far away.


Don't let them in,

Gotta keep them out,

All of The voices

As they scream and shout.

I don't want to listen,

I know they are true 

I'm lost got nowhere to turn 

On my own

Dont know what to do.


I cry for help it's been said before,

I feel so down,

I'm on the floor.

Help me please,

It's help I need.

I know I can beat this.

I will succeed. 


  • Christina8

    Welcome to MPS! Very good first poem! Starts out somber but ends on a high note. You can succeed! Hope you continue to write more!

    • E.J.Foreman

      Thank you for the feedback. I have been wanting to try putting in to words my thoughts and how I see the world. I still have a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to my new adventure

      Many thanks

    • Saima

      you can get through it! i understand with all the voices in your head, confusing you, you can always talk to me for help, but then again i have no idea with what im doing with my life as well haha

      • E.J.Foreman

        Thank you Saima for your lovely comment I really appreciate it. I hope I can improve and find an audience for my thoughts, which sometimes are bit dark and weird. I hope I can relate to people who understand

        Hope to hear from you again and I hope you like the next one

        • Saima

          I would say the best poems are the dark ones, they show struggle but the way the poet shows the struggle is beautiful and keep it up

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