I Love

I love it when you care you’re called crazy, but when you don’t you’re called a deadbeat. Wtf is wrong with people blaming others for actions they caused. I love how me being pushed away for over a decade is my fault. I love how no matter how much you try and do right it’s never enough or right.

I love how people can commit slander and at the same time call you crazy for going WTF really.... I love how one of my so called best friends has been texting my wife for months, we ain’t talking a few here and there, oh no we are talking over 200. I love how I’m blamed for things while scandalous ass women are talking to at least 4-5 dudes through texts for months and yet, I’m the bad guy.

I love how old ass men can call my wife “baby” and other old ass men can walk up and kiss her on the cheek but I’m not supposed to say anything about it. Oh how I love the double standards. I love being called an alcoholic when I literally drink 2 beers a day and no more than 12 a week and normally it’s around 8. I love how my life is falling apart and I’m the only one to blame. I love how my kids were taking from me and I was lied on to make this happen. I love how my own POS family thinks it’s their place to get involved in my marriage. I love how others family can threaten me over social media and not once ask me what my side is.

Oh how I love. I love how it takes two to make a marriage, and two to break a marriage but yet I’m the only one to blame. And when I just walk away from it all, who’s to blame then? Who’s going to love me then? Who’s going to show affection to me then? And why is wanting to feel wanted so wrong? I love how I felt lonely and married at the same time, oh but it’s me. I love how it’s always just me, and never us.


  • Saima

    this is seriously amazing, it's sad you can never seem to please anyone and i can relate. People always blaming you, but when they're in the wrong, it's alright? That's why I always keep to myself and don't bother talking to people, never feel like you have to explain yourself to unecessary people, as well long you know you're in the right, thats all that matters. Please keep this up.

    • Br0ken

      Thank you

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