Melancholy House of Eloise

Plague goblins

Fever demons

Fire eaters

Slow dance

Behind the smoky panes

At the Melancholy house of Eloise

Behind smoky panes

At the Melancholy house of Eloise

The fires of Eros

Oppress me as an evil spell

Eloise drops her veil

And I sense a thrilling shudder.

Inverted image reflections

Of passionate devotion

Her beauty burns in the splendour

Of the fire eaters' flame.

As night deepens

I dwell in the after dream

Of this old reveller

And she slow dances

In total sweet abandon

Behind smoky panes

Filled with all the miseries

At the melancholy house of Eloise

Total abandon behind...

Behind the smoky pane

At the Melancholy house of Eloise.


Melchman50 copyright2017







  • Tony36

    Great write

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