Make Up For The Love

Its Raskolnikov

Past pains,

Future dreams,

Down the drains,

Crushed hopes, 

Most things are gone but they're still here,

Life is just one big slippery slope,

Don't choke,

I won't hesitate to make you laugh,

Hold your hand and give you that dove, 

No, I'm not afraid of making up for the love,

The love lost to a shove,

They didn't treat you right,

And even though we will fight,

I'm not afraid of making up for the love, 

I'm not afraid to hold you all night,

It'll be alright,

'Til your safe, safe inside,

I won't let you out of sight,

I'll kiss you tonight,


Darling don't cry,

Distance is nothing to affection,

I'd be a man from Mars and you a magician full of scars,

And still no love could ever match the power of ours,

These two months are just what'll be our start,

I'll do my part,

Cause I have no fright,

Not even for a night,

No, I'm not afraid of making up for that love tonight,


My first dream as a kid,

Was to be a hero like superman, 

Then I wanted to find adventure, love, and innocence like Peter Pan,

I wanted to change the world, to save it, 

Keep it out of evil's hands,

Cause in every girl there's strength and in every boy there's a great man,

And because of you I know I can!

But I'll still need them,

I'll still need you,

Chances may seem slim,

But the the world can pull through,

Your love tells me that it's true!

And there may be tragedies,

But I swear there are more harmonies,

And there'll be less tough lucks,

Cause even though humans have a bad history,

I'm not afraid of making up for the love,


You may feel like you want to stop sometimes,

Like you want to give it all up,

But darling keep me in your memory,

Keep me in your heart,

I swear this is just the start,

This love is more than just another of life's cards,

And you are more than the queen of diamonds or the queen of hearts,

Your the queen of everything and you repair my broken shards,

And even if we're apart,

I'll send you my heart,

And when push comes to shove,

You'll be my dove,

Cause I'll make up for the love, 


  • Author: Raskolnikov (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 4th, 2017 12:11
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 8
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  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Shadowbox15

    That would make a good rap. Very fast paced, and a very a nice rhythm. Well done.

    • Its Raskolnikov

      Thanks I may make it one

      • Shadowbox15

        Awesome! I wish you good luck.

      • FredPeyer

        Very well written, Ras! I do like it!

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