Mottakeenur Rehman



First of all identify your egoness

And then that egoness should be substitued 

For the little proud of your country!

Like an affectionate Mom

Your Motherland never takes any charge 

For giving the land to be walked straight on the earth .


Like Poetry the spirit of Motherland 

Stands by you in your misfortunate deeds

Which cannot be repaid as debt 

Even when you desired.

            To be grown up yourself on the behalf of your Nation,

Hold the fingers of your Motherland

And then like a Child steps forward one or two more paces 

And finally learn to make the acquaintance

With the atmosphere of the Country.


The atmosphere of country is nothing 

But it refers to the ''unity amongs discord!''

                Let's we sing all melodies of the land with its notes

And vibrating the inner orchestra of our hearts;

Lets all bond together to the

Cause of building a strong Nation.



  • FineB

    Thank you Mottakeenur

    This poem is good and powerful.

    Good write.

    Keep writing

  • Yahchanan AbiyaH

    This is in the same line as Tomas Transtromer, who happens to be one of my favorites.

  • Mottakeenur Rehman

    After reading your comment I would like to meet you!

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