A limerick

There once was a man in poet-land
telling tales from poetic hands
His poems were a bust
rotted to grains of dust
He now cries with his head in the sand


  • Michael Edwards

    Great - it's a pleasure to wake up with a smile - well done Santita - more to come?

    • Santita

      Thank you, Michael! Maybe? The punch line is always hardest; so we will see.

    • Goldfinch60

      God fun write for first thing in the morning.

      • Santita

        Thanks, Goldie :)

      • orchidee

        Oh lol good write Santita. Me head is in the sand, but KP still won't go away! lol.

        • Santita

          At least you called me the right name today! Lol! She won't go away anytime soon!

        • Noah

          Lovely rhyming!

          • Santita

            Thanks, Noah!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Gracias SANTITA Cara Mia ~ Es una morala aqui ! How often have I cried ~ Cabeza en mis manos ! Poetry is a taskmaster ~ John Betjeman said "There is no such thing as a perfect Poem ~ but just Publish (when you are partially satisfied) and to Hell with the Critics who couldn't recognise a perfect poem if they met one" Love your POEMS (almost as much as I LOVE YOU !) and like me "Tu eres una Spirita Libra " We publish to satisfy our nagging muse and not for personal glory ! As a performance Poet I Love Limericks ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Besos y Abbrazos de Natividad ~ Tu Amigo Eterna ~ BRIAN XOXOX

            • Santita

              Oh man! This is great! Thank you, B! Here's to free spirits! Thank you for your positive attitude; always appreciated, B! *abrazos*

            • Fay Slimm

              Oh I know the feeling dear Santi - poems are never quite good enough - - and your lovely limerick describes this so well.

              • Santita

                Yes, dear Fay! They are never good enough; except yours are beyond good! They are magic! Thank you for your lovely visit:)

              • FredPeyer

                This comment is for and about you Santi:
                There once was a lady wrote poems for fun
                Ranging from love to Attila the Hun
                Her poems were such a success
                She went out and bought a new dress
                She is now laughing and dancing in the sun

                • Santita

                  Fred! You are so awesome! I'm so grateful to call you my friend! Thank you for that poem! Now off to go write about Attila the Hun! 😂

                • Louis Gibbs

                  Good to see the lighter side of Santi in this one. Nice departure!

                  • Santita

                    Lol, I do have a silly side. But, the muse is quite a serious gal so she prefers to write otherwise. Thank you, my dear friend!

                  • WL Schuett

                    Love that you keep pushing yourself , it’s the best way to grow as an artist and I think it also applies to writing.
                    If you do the same thing over and over you don’t grow , you certainly have been very diverse in your writing, I think that’s great , you’re limerick is very good keep pushing !

                    • Santita

                      Have I told you that I treasure your visits? Oh, yes. Yes, I have lol! Thank you, my friend. Your support means a lot!

                    • Christina S

                      Love this limerick Santi! I am so inspired by your range of poetic talent! So well done! Love it!!

                      • Santita

                        Thank you so much, Christina! Your uplifting words touch my heart & I am grateful to call you a friend! *hugs*

                      • myself and me

                        Hey, fun to read.

                        • Santita

                          Lol yes, a funny! Thanks, dear!!

                        • dusk arising

                          oh poetess second to none
                          to read you aloud is such fun
                          though i'm animal the muppet
                          stumbling through your couplets
                          with a beating heart like his drums

                          or should i put it another way
                          and rap you streetwise today
                          find a rythmn to give
                          to your adjective
                          are you coming out to play?

                          • Santita

                            Yes just don't read me aloud
                            When your girlfriend is around
                            I bet she got a really good laugh
                            Listening to you talk like a calf!

                            Much love!

                          • Lawless

                            Fun, fun! My head is in a beer!

                            • Santita

                              Haha thanks for the visit, brother! Hope it was a good beer. Are there bad beers? I wouldn't know

                            • Laura

                              Great write! Uplifting our courage to write when we’re inspired to do so! Thank you!


                            • ron parrish aka wordman

                              well, the punch line was right on

                            • Poetic Dan

                              Tingling down my back fantastic work

                              • Santita

                                Thank you so much, my friend!

                              • Scrambled Letters

                                Lol,,sounds like you wrote about my scrambles. My grin is high even as my poems sink low. 😉

                                • Santita

                                  your poems soar, SL! Thanks for the visit!

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