Till The Bitter Sweet End

Marching on to victory,

I yell, "onward Christian soldiers".

As a general, I fight not a physical war,

but a spiritual war.

Still, what is a spiritual?

I say it in all seriousness,

which leads some people to think I'm crazy.

A spiritual war,

is fighting off an easy opportunity to make money,

simply by giving up my morals.

A spiritual war,

is not giving up my faith for anyone.

It is submitting to authorities,

while still being righteous.

A spiritual war is,

knowing that even though I sin,

I do not let the devil decieve me into thinking that Jesus has left me.

A cleshae for a spiritual war,

if you will,

is a battle between, 'good vs evil'.

A spiritual war,

is not used with guns and knives.

It is not a civil war,

a nuclear war,

or even a cold war.

Still, I digress.

It it a world war,

because it is fought,

between demonic forces and Christians,

all over the world.

A spiritual war is an ongoing war.

Jesus is my leader,

and I will fight this war till the bitter sweet end.

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