Casey Raffield


Find joy in the simplest snap shots of moments so often overlooked.
Its in the very essence of a second that true happiness can be found.
Before the world rips it away and replaces it with the weight of everything.
Fight tragically against the clock to slow its pace and allow the absorption of now.
The found excitement will soon boil over like a long watched pot suddenly forgotten.
Reaching the lip and holding on firmly to and edge that does not hold back.
You're left to only experience the presumed helplessness of letting time continue.
The clock chimes in intervals of pre desposed length taking with It hope for more.
Bringing and end that is fated to come but whos destiny is yet to be determined.
So hold on vigorously to these moments that always seem so swiftly stolen.
Grab hold of the authentic joy in the seconds that are only built for the minds memoirs.
Store it deep in your pocket for the times when life's torment has broken your smile.

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