A dARK aNamNEsiS

I sit and scream waiting for your answer

I fear the loss of what was once my destiny

Why do you choose to torment me like this?

I stand, paralysed, unable to compose myself.


A dark anamnesis takes over me,

this is what you wanted, this is what you asked for…

I tried to hold back my inner demons, but they wanted out.

Seems you were their  target…Oh well?


I surround myself with the esoteric liquid we call water

Slowly sinking deeper and deeper into it.

I put my mind at ease and close my eyes.

Why do I keep thinking about you?


So I wish I had the mind of a Gemini to be all up with you

turns out your nothing but shit, something I can’t get close to

I wish you the best in life and may your thoughts be clear to

But take a trip down memory lane again, I’ll be here waiting for you. 

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