Adam Shirley

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are peculiar really.

Before you hold them their cold and lifeless

But as you name them, give them their own personality

They're alive.

Stuffed animals are lovely really

They calm the fears of frightful children

They dry the tears of crying innocence

And become the hug you always long

Stuffed animals are like our children really

We care for them, love them, hug them and adore them

But we are the children really

We are loved by their own warmth that we created

Stuffed animals are beautiful really.


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

    • Adam Shirley

      Thank you Tony!

      • Tony36


      • w c

        There's nothing like a big teddy bear!

        • Adam Shirley

          Couldn't have said it any better myself!

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