Abby Henry


This could work, possibly
Unless they fight and there's hostility
They'd stay together with the ability
To be faithful and love each other
Love, faith, and have the tranquility
To last forever but she's sleeping with his brother
Walked in the room and saw them both under the cover
He knew it couldn't work, what a shitty lover
The man always thought about it
But he'd always just walk around it
Thoughts pushing against his head
Wishing that woman he loved was dead
She always had the intention
He never gave enough attention
She left and he was left with a drug addiction
Now his family wants an intervention
But he found a new love
Not the needle, pipe, or anything up above
He'll make sure to be attentive
This time, but they thoughts keep coming back
He wants it so bad, no not the crack
The other girls, shooting in the dark, pitch black
Everybody does it he says
But he doesn't wanna do it cause it
Makes him run away, he thinks he might love it
He thinks he's up above it
Or beneath it, but he's been
Thinking so much about it he might just leap in the deep end
Two phones, one for his main, one for when he's creepin'
Falling in love with two different women, wow
What crazy story, I know you're wondering how
You believe in monogamy, now?

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