Acquainted With My Conscience

I have been one with my conscience 

I've had ups and downs with it.

Yes i have times where i don't use my common sense.


I have been confuzzled and followed my heart.

I have had those times where ive fallen apart.


I have problems with knowing what's wrong and what's right.

And yes there are times when my heart and brain fight.


My brain will scream yes but my heart will shriek no.

But sometimes i don't know which way i should go.


I have tossed and ive turned.

I've slept on most things.

I think then i learn.



  • LeashaBear56

    This was so relatable for me, and I think it was very beautifully put. I say keep it :)

    • Groovypotato

      Awweee thank you i try my best to connect with the reader as much as possible but include how i feel as well ill try to keep it up.

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