It is the only thing we can't wait for when we're young and the one thing we're holding on to when we're old.

It brings joy, love, happiness, surety, comfort, ability, and even stability.

It's the one thing that can rob you blind, the only thing that sneaks up from behind, rips and tears at you, steals and preys on you.

Yet we bask in the glory of it, we enjoyed most moments of it, we can sometimes take advantage of it, we even tend to forget about it.

Sands in an hour glass and four walls could never really contain it, can never give true meaning, or dimensions of it.

You wither and fly away with it, you even tend to not exist in it.

I love you in it!

Continuously just like it.

I can't escape from it, from you, you are it.

You are mine, time!



  • Fondy

    This writing is a hope giver! Keep positive and own the day!

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Shellz876

    Thank you Tony36 and Fondy.

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