Christopher DelGiudice


You ever question your own persona
Need reassurance from everyone who’s known ya?
Has life ever not been clear?
Have you ever had this doubt and fear?
Do you feel you can never chase your true dream?
So you settle and life loses some of its gleam
You can write words day after day
But, no one is ever gonna hear what you have to say
An outdated passion
You’re gifted, but you ain’t with the fashion
Share your gift and try to find those with the likeness
Always worried about if your friends will like this
But, it’s just an echo into the void
Now, you may wonder why I’m not annoyed
The truth is I am
That’s why I sit and listen to all my jams
Cause I can’t control the situation
Endless source of declaration
And society will never hear one
Life will go on and your days of this will be done
Where pen to paper and words into scripture
Escape your life like you’re separated by a fissure
And you’ll feel like a purposeless person
That’s why currently in life you’re uncertain
Sitting there music in the background
Between roads, fleeting moments left for imagination to bound
Your voice quieting with everyday, always getting muter
So, do you worry about your future?


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