It’s Amazing

It’s absolutely amazing that when you take your property because you are getting a divorce you are the bad guy. It’s amazing that I told you in the beginning you will not get it all! It’s amazing that I am called names and made out to be greedy when I left everything that went to my kids including my house and took all the debt that went into it to make it a home.

Hell I even left the damn dogs and cat minus my Shepard. It’s amazing even with two cars that you got as I got not one I’m the selfish one. It’s amazing that you can commit felonies to take my kids and my home but I’m the selfish one. It’s amazing that you wanted the divorce as you text other guys for months hundreds of times. It’s amazing that I’m shown out to be the one that refuses to work, when you complained about the kids any time I did.

It’s amazing that when I was doing the Labors Union I went out of town worked 12 hours a day and came back to no money. It’s amazing that you have acted this way and tell our kids I’m crazy and badmouth me as a parent. It’s amazing that I stayed with the kids 24/7 for 7 years but I was selfish.

It’s amazing that not even one year went by that you watched the kids after school and now it’s a problem, wasn’t a problem when I watched them from 6 am - 8pm for years. It’s amazing how petty you was this whole time. It’s amazing that my own so called friend that you have been seeing came to change my locks and shit on our house.

But what’s really amazing is how much hurt you have caused our kids. It’s really amazing how much confusion is caused to our kids. It’s amazing that it was like I was married to you and your momma and she can’t keep any man, let alone try and feed you the bullshit that she did.

It’s amazing that you get advice from my sister who had a baby with a married man and she wasn’t even the side chick, she was the side chick of the side chick. It’s amazing that you wanting me to stay home is now a bad thing now that you are convinced you wanted a divorce. Misery loves company and it’s amazing you killed our love and fell for it.


  • Fondy

    Thank you for sharing! I went through similar affairs and can relate! I feel your pain and only thing i can say is keep pushing on! Find the beauty in life that you had right before the love flourished!

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