Contagious Leslie

The evil within

As the days passes another day begins; there was a little girl that grew up in west end, she was raised by her uncle, but lived with her dad; she was ten years old and had broke her leg, she was playing in a barn fiddling with some hay; she suddenly fail down and seen a ghost that was headed her way, she tried to run she fail in the barn and got caught in some rope ;she cut her face, she cut her toe; she tried to climb out but she slipped back in; when she turned around it was standing right there, the ghost of king Zack the ghost of king Mir, he pulled out his sword and wanted to cut, she was saved by her mom, she awoke her spirit; who had been dead for 10 years from her tears;she said a magical spell ending with his name,by the dragons light I call thee to give your might,they disappeared the evil within has been broken....

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