Michael J. Schaeffer

Heavy Sickness & the Sea


Heavy Sickness & the Sea

Rambling On and On. A Tendency I have to Listening to a Beat. A Drumming in My Ears to My Brain. Contemplating on Almost Total Silence in the Air. A Beat on a Skin or Skins. The Cover of a Book. A Old Story to Read. A Mighty Hunt at Sea. A Man not willing to give up on the Fight and a Dream. Man and Beast. Human and Nature. Heavy, Sickness and the Sea. Bringing it on Home... The Baby is at Home and She is Expecting to Receive the Award of the Wales Fins, Teeth and its Blubber. This Hunt was Delicate and Sweet. My Girls Essence. The Beast Might Lose the Fight and Nature will have its Way to Justify this Rambling Beat if the Beast is Dead. The Sea, the Hunt and the Sweet Delicate Nature of it All. Almost Silent. Almost always Contemplating on what's Over Your Shoulder. This Hunt is a Dance of Justifying the Death of Beasts in a Form of Many...


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