The Broken Fly

"What about me?!"

Screamed the fly to the distracted spider

Not a second thought was given

Nor a comment from the web rider


The fly sat in silence

Wishing for nothing but to leave

She felt as if a waste of time, 

A useless pile of meat


She sat there long 

And started to crumble

Till from her carcass 

There was no mumble


She died alone

With no one beside her

No one loved her

Not even the spider.



  • Noah

    I like the rhyming. This makes me think of a flatline. Like, there's a noise, a plea, until there's nothing. Not the beeping, but the way it spikes on the monitor lol

    • LeashaBear56

      That is really awesome! I would have never thought of that

    • Edthepoet

      Spider & Web rider is a genius rhyme! Awesome write.

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