Black and white

we still fight

black or white

we have our ways

black or white

we still have rights

we are the same


we are together 

yet we still are divided in groups

we are all the same

doesn't matter whom we are


where we came from

we all had once the same blood

why look down

when we can look up

from stranger to family

we share many things

even when we don't think about it

we insult each other no matter how we look

but still look on the other person

tell yourself

what is so different between us all

how we look?

how we talk? 

how we see the world?

we are still all the same

but with some unique ability's to make us say we are unique and special

we are different 


we are unique

the thing im trying to say

we are all the same

but yet not

we are special

but we are not so different

we all have stories

who is different from one and another

but yet someone can relate and say the same

for one and two days

i been thinking

for three and four hours

i gave my thoughs on this

it might not be explained well

and it might not be well prepared

but keep the word to mind and heart

we are all brothers and sisters 

so watch over each other and not against each other

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