Good Scenes From A Highway Man

As I walk along this highway,

trying to make it to the other side,

I'm out here vulnerable to thieves and killers,

as I am in plain site.

There is nowhere to hide, I seen horrible things.

Still, not all is bad.

I've seen beautiful things.

The Lord never gives me more than I can bare.

Sometimes He shows me mercy.

For instance when the enemy gets to crowded,

He makes them start dispersing.

I have seen some beautiful scenes,

as I walk down this extremely long road.

I have walk though charming little towns,

that were once set free from its giant load.

I have crossed through beautiful rivers,

so peacefully running through the woods,

and for the towns that looked not so nice,

were actually peaceful neighborhoods.

I've seen big cities lend support to smaller cities,

in their time of need.

I've seen a tall rich man in an expensive suite,

help a small poor man get something to eat.

So you see,

not every you meet has an agenda.

Some people just want to be nice.

Still, after a quiet day, and three big meals,

it's back to the hot road that's cold as ice.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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