"Would You Dare?"

Would you dare to be in time
Never really knowing where you are
But always racing forward
And seeing from afar.

Would you dare to know the truth
If it meant feeling all the pain
Going through all the emotions
When most would go insane .

Would you dare to save the world
Even though the cost is far too great
Understanding that the choice is yours
But still apart of fate.

Would you dare to fall in love
Bringing reality to a stop
Believing it will last forever
Yet conscious that you’ll drop.

Would you dare to risk your life
When someone is at stake
Recognizing they are corrupt
Not willing their life to take.

If you would dare to do all this
Life is precious and true
Not because of pride or greed
But for helping even the few.


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Merissa


      • Tony36


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