If only a dream


I have a bed, a wonderful bed
I use to lay down in
It's a bed I use to dream in
And I'd sleep all night

This wonderful bed
It waits for me
The same time every night

It has the most amazing pillows
They puff up so big ,
And when I lay my head on ,
I starts to sleep

The mattress is so comfy
It cuddles by body so smooth
There is no hump or bumps
To keep me awake all night

It's the one place I thought I could sleep
It's mine and no one can take away
So why can I no long sleep
in my wonderful comfy bed

I miss the pillow I use to lay my head
And the mattress to
that secured me through the night
The soft sheets and the duvet
that kept me warm
and embraced me through my dreams

Why does PD take that away,
My sleep I so much need
It takes me away from my soft pillows
that puff up and then sink

My soft mattress ,
with out the humps and pumps
why won't it let me sleep
It's up so early in the morning,
Or it keeps me up all night

He is becoming so annoying
I nearly tell him what for
I bet he don't sleep because if he did
He would have nightmares that aren't nice

So what can I do to sleep ,
I want my comfy bed,
I want to sleep right through the night
and not get up at 3

I wish I knew just what to do
To kick him out my bed,
So I could sleep and dream
And get a good nights kip

Susan gage 🌸


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