Fire in life.

The Fire in the eyes lies inside,



Spreading rapidly,

Eating away at the facade I once put out.

Hungry with an unquenchable appetite for success,

Hungry for power,

Hungry for innocence.

Society tells us to contain this fire within,

to step in line,

to follow the crowd.  

The human condition doesn't allow such surrender,

The white flag will never be raised,

Our spirits will never waiver.

The path to success is lined with the corpses of failure;


similar to a game,

we have many lives to give,

many attempts at success,

Learning from our many failures.

FInd the fire,

do not put it out!

Instead throw gas on it,

Be sure to explore yourself before others. 

Before you look up to the likes of Gates and Bazos,

Look at your own successes and failures,

look upon your own road,

gaze upon those corpses.

Do not fear the rotting and horror,

they are there for your benefit,

and help you achieve your desires. 

Instead of thinking "how do i fit in?"

Don't be afraid to scream "FUCK HOW I FIT IN."

yell it from the tallest tower,

take your first steps to glory,

feed the fire within those eyes. 


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