Beautiful Eyes IV

By Arcassin Burnham

Out of all of the injustice that I haven't got
for people throwing my name in the dirt stomping feet,
instead of coming to my face while I make new
enemies in that time, for me I kinda liked when
these kids misinterp',
In that time I wasn't even in school and more rumors
piled on from all the hate that i received in the recent
Around a bunch of fuckboy cowards just to channel
all the anger on , I fist fight in the street with no new tears,
they thought I had fear.

One day this random girl that added me on instagram
was so pretty , I just had to introduce myself,
I didn't know what her condition was and  kept I taking losses
after losses in a state of mind I couldn't bail.
fast forward two days later talking to her on the phone
with a voice so southern it was like a heaven hotline,
I noted to her to her in way of saying that you shouldn't be alone
while viewing all these creepy guys,
We fell in love instantly after she told me how she felt
cause she fighting off mental issues,
The same way was I when my anxiety was about 10 on
mental scale menu,
No matter what I went through,
I know that she would come through,
when my world was too blue.

The last time I ever witnessed her loving embrace,
her mental illness put her in a simulation phase,
I told her I loved her , my heart was bolder,
but my heart wasn't ready when she said she was bipolar,
And not like the anger phase more like the forgetful short
term memory loss and abandonment,
I could be hurt more than this anyway , but this hurt me the most
cause when she left I didn't try, to get her back and
tell her that I just wanted to be her husband , all I have from her
is a picture of blue eyes.
I miss you.


  • LeashaBear56

    I love this, this is an amazing contrast between telling and story and poetry. I think you did a wonderful job writing this, it really pulls heart strings for me.

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