Am I Crazy?

Albert Einstein once said,

And i quote what I read,

" A question that sometimes drives me hazy,

Am I or the others crazy"

You look at me and say I'm insane

I'll look at you and say the same. 

What gives you the right t say you're sane, 

And the rest of us insane?

Because if you say you're sane I'll call you crazy. 

Because a crazy person doesn't know they're crazy.

And its funny to me. 

As to why you won't let us be,

because you think we lost our heads.

Well I'd rather lose my head, 

than to be dead.

Dead wrong or a dead beat, 

that's where our rights meet, 

The freedom of speech. 

A question that sometimes drives me hazy, 

am i or the others crazy?

And the answer is yes.

'Cause we're all mad here!



  • Kat1

    Very good. I enjoyed it. Very true

  • 2140

    I like it, 100% relatable.

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