Sensitive soul, creative soul, love soul. Your such a beautiful soul. The day your soul touched my soul, my heart was molded.   

It had that new feel it never had before. Your heart turned to gold like mine did. No matter what hurt or pain is caused it doesn't tarnish.   It just appreciates. You give the feeling of needing to be in your presence. I use the word need lightly because I don't need you.... I want you.     

Evidence has shown that we most definitely have grown.  But growing never stops. You have to nurture to grow and nurturing can't come from everybody. Some nurturing is like... A Lottie Dottie we like to party.... u know the song.     

But When I nurture I get my products from God now, and he blesses them to me, and I step forward to you confident, strong, humbled like a G.     

Yeah you know me... but you don't know me. You need to be my real true homie get to know me homie.     

Now I know my sex game is tight. You bring that out of me.  But I'd rather have a touch of your skin, hand on your face, kiss the middle of your forehead... and tell you have a good day on any given day, over a taste of your kool-aid.    

I have plenty time to taste. I'm not in a race. To be in a race you have to have competition. I don't have any competition I'm just on a mission. Look you in your eyes I can tell it's something missing.     

You see, you like a strawberry shortcake. Take away the strawberries and the cream and you still sweet. You can be plain on any day and still good to eat.     

A touch from you in my dream woke me up out of my sleep. Now if that's not divine intervention I don't know what it is.    

Yeah, we get to talk yeah we raising kids. But it's time to put the puzzle together me and you we fight through any type of weather. Everybody wanna see us together. That's why I'm writing you a four-page letter sealed with a kiss. I'm telling you Aaliyah would approve of this.    

We have our whole life to play games, but not our whole life to fix. Bam!!! Car accident and gone that quick. Now it turns into what shouldacoulda, almost happend with this.    

 I think we both had enough pain for the rest of the year. So, let's start 2018 like man and woman of the year, most improved, smooth slow and steady new start, filled with all the pleasure without the love after dark.    

 Single man, job, own place, good heart, good looks but the last person he had sex with was his ex?   He won't pursue no other panties even though he can? He still keeping himself pure for the same woman that aint giving a damn and no romance?     

Oh Noooo she got em'. He just wanna hear her voice.  He just wanna see her face. That's them real down to the core feelings that ain't supposed to be erased.   


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