Middle Subi

Middle Subi- By Subi Lauren Yee

Ever Since I was small I was in the middle

Middle child

Being mild not too spicy not to tame

But you know my name

Middle Child



But what does it all mean?

Do I have a keen sense of everyone?

“Oh it’s okay your not good at math”

“It’s because you are only half Asian”

“Or your only fasian”

“Fake Chinese”

“Your too Chinese to be white”

Who am I?

I don’t fit in

White people say I am ethnic

Asian people say “too white to be Asian.”

Too gay to be straight

Too straight to be gay

“Oh sense you are bi you will leave me for a man?”

“Does that mean you will have a threesum?”

“Being bi is not a real thing”

Your sexuality “is just an experiment”

Not white

Not Asian

Not Gay

Not Straight

But, all of them at the same time

Biracial and Bisexual

I am a middle child who found many mediums

Middle Subi



  • Poem Goals

    I like this poem, not only is it true, it's a social issue.

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