Joe Dawson

Oh, what the dark doth bring to light

I felt her body close to mine, the place was dark, there

Was no light, a heat that bore magnetic pull, 'would I like

To dance?' 'you bet I would.' God, let the mystery last I

Thought, too soon the truth, too soon the walk, too soon

The quenching of the fire, too soon the dawn, too soon

The lie


Oh, what the dark doth bring to light, where hands are

Eyes and touch is sight, a fabric spun so very thin, where

E're I touched, I touched her skin. If she were dressed

Then dressed in what, in gossamer or gold leaf swatch?

In cloth no more than starlit sheen, less weight, less

substance than a dream


Two seconds from a pulse collapse, my wrists are wet

My heartbeat fast, a cardiac arrest comes next, my heart

Has stopped, no pulse, I checked. The room was full, the

Music loud, she said 'I need your love right now, 'so little

Space, but just enough, what we did, we did, standing up


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Accidental Poet

    And so, the mystery lasts on and on. Great write Joe.

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