Goodbye, Old Friend

Goodbye for the first time, new friend
For I have other, older friends to tend to
Although you are wonderful
I must go still

Goodbye again, friend
For I have created problems
That seem unable to be fixed
Now, because of me, I must go.

Hello again, old friend
For neither one of us are complete without one another
And stuck in lover’s gaze
We still stay

Goodbye again, old friend
For lover’s gaze has separated
Yourself from your body
And lover has twisted your image
Into something unable to be fixed
But because of lover, I must go

Hello for the last time, old friend
For we have been reduced to talking here
And lover’s gaze is all but controlling you
But still, we both must stay

Goodbye for the last time, old friend
For this time it was not me, it was you
We have both made mistakes
But when it comes down to it
I made us incompatible
And I know that somehow, some way
We will talk again
But because of both you and me
I must go.


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