I Am Free

I am free

From a monster like you

Free from all your irrational comments

About how I should be living my life

To the world

They see you as a gracious caring person

But behind closed doors

You're a devil in disguise

Praying on those who are week

And somehow lost their sense of faith

I am Free

From all the suffocation, alienation, and manipulation

You planted into my life

Now that I am free

The pain you have given me

Is the rock of my life

It reminds me everyday

To be a fighter

And never give up

I Am free

From a monster like yourself

My voice can finally be heard

I am finally free



  • Poem Goals

    I really like this, it's like your own freedom of speech!

    • PoemsReverything

      Thanks. It took a lot of time to write. Had a lot of things to get of my chest.

      • Poem Goals

        Yes, poems usually are a good way to do itm

      • Poem Goals

        And read my poems please

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