Poem Goals


The more you like someone
The more you feel feelings
The more you add that person to your life
The more your cancelling out someone else
The less you start liking that person
The more you let more people in your life
Each time you say "the"
The more that person comes to mind
The more you say "but"
The more you realize
that person doesn't care anymore


  • PoemsReverything

    Damn! This is a powerful message. So true! Keep up the good work.

    • Poem Goals

      Thanks! I usually write my poems on what I see or hear or anything I get the idea to write.

      • PoemsReverything

        Ur welcome. I posted this onto my Twitter page. Hopefully this blows up 4 u!

      • deepthoughts

        So true. So strong.

      • Poem Goals

        Thank you guys for the supporting me! I'm really happy right now, but at first I didn't want to share these poems, know what? I'll make a poem about that. Thanks guys!!!!

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