Yahchanan AbiyaH

Found A Way

Leather sandals sang softly to the covered path. Small twigs breaking like brittle bones under the fall blanket. 

Slowly stepping away the wonder years of what if..

Just around the bend

an unseen wing spreads in anticipation.

Nearing the womb of the crossroads

darkened by fallen clouds and green shadows,

Rhythmic breeze sends enchanting invitation. 

Accepting eyes engage an ancient awe

accelerating, in slow


Animated extinction, alone as


on display, guided by instinct.

Crystal blue winds breathed upon time

cooling its tick until


was frozen.

Impossible 15 foot or so featherless wingspan, wading in the air,

burning a page into memory pathways, like a documentary of history being interrupted by

Breaking news...



  • b-LAH-que

    What a way with words! Well done, I greatly enjoyed reading this one.

  • Mottakeenur Rehman

    Great 1!

  • Yahchanan AbiyaH

    Using your style of excellence as motivation.

  • Hoopie


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