He is mine

One by one your friends are coming to me
Questioning why you don’t admit what you feel
They say that they can see that it’s real
I never know what to say because i don’t understand it either
You see, your words and actions don’t seem to relate
And it just leaves me in constant debate
I know that i probably deserve someone that can say what he feels
but at the end of day, it’s you that i want.
Notice how i said want and not need
Because i don’t want to depend on anyone, i want to be freed
From the connection that binds us together
Or maybe i don’t want that at all
Maybe i just want you to sit down and call
And tell me what i want to hear
But maybe that would just lead to tears
It’s silly to think I’m confused and so torn over someone like you
Not in a bad way cause i love you, i do.
But someone who lacks the ability to express themselves or show that they really care
I think of just walking away but it’s almost too much to bear
I wear my heart on my sleeve and you’re the opposite
Tell me do you believe in love or are you that blind
To not see who’s by your side
I hope one day you realize what could of been and what i had to offer,
Whether that means we’re apart or together.
Eventually we will see what isn’t and what is
But until then, he is mine and i am his



  • Author: kayceeanne (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 11th, 2017 01:34
  • Category: Love
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